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Intelligent Real Leather Cutting Solutions

■ Intelligent Real Leather Cutting Solution:


■ Online  Working Flow:


Scan Leather Outline and defects  →  Load Data into Computer  →  Autonesting on the Leather


Ready to Cut  →  Cutting  →  Feed to Pick-up Area

■ Autonesting Software Working Diagram:


■ Offline  Working Flow:

未标题-1.jpgMark Leather Defects  Manually, and Add Positioning Cross Points
未标题-1.jpgSINAJET VC Scanning System to Read Leather Outline and Defects

1.jpgGenerate QR Code for the  Leather Automatically
2.jpgStock the Leather accoring to the QR information

1.jpgDivide quality zones and cut grades
2.jpgAutonesting the patterns

1.jpgCutting Automatically
2.jpgCollect the Cutting Pieces Manually or by Robot accoring to the Projection System

■ Working Video:

Real Leather Online Automatic Cutting Process, There are Three Cutting Areas: Nesting Area+Cutting Area+Collecting Area

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