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SinajetScc is digital cutter's output software, it is used for files reading, can optimize complicated cutting solutions. Meanwhile, it includes functions of auto nesting, optimizing cutting sequence and over cutting, editing and so on. 

■ Workflow:


■ SinajetSCC Features:


1) Files reading and processing: 

Can accept files format as plt、dxf、xml、nc、pdf、ai、cut and so on. Then the operator can edit the file as move,copy, zoom, merge and a series of operation.

2) Notches recognition:

Can recognize different types of notches, such as 一, V, T, U and so on. 


3) Auto Nesting:

Input files, auto nesting the patterns according to the set rule and to improve material utilization. Now the existing nesting rules including, strips and plaids auto nesting, combining auto nesting, defects reading nesting.

4) Various files input methods:

To realize files input intelligently and reduce human error and save searching time. Support bar code or QR code input function.

5) Editing and drawing function:

The software has simple editing and drawing function to design or correct the files. 


6) Cutting Scheme can be customized:

Can set the processing solution for different materials. For example, cutting according to SP value, or cut the same material by several different cutting tools.

7) Optimize over cutting:

To reduce over cutting and improve cutting effect, especially for active circular tool cutting.


8) Projection system:

Cutting effect can be visualization. Users can collect cutting patterns error free. 


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