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Garment & Textile Industry Solutions

1)  Projection System for Strips and Plaids Cutting


2) Visual Scanning System For Pattern Cutting


3) Conveyer Table + Collecting Table Cutting  Solution


4) Auto Feeding Device


5)Strips T-SHIRT Auto Nesting and Cutting Solution


6) Knitted T-SHIRT MTM Cutting Solution


7) Without Human Intervention Synchronous Auto Feeding System


8) 2.0 cm thickness High Accurate Cutting Solution


9) Second Time Accurate Cutting Solution with Projection System


10) Dynamic Projection System For Color, Size, Defect Part differentiate Cutting Solution


11) Jacket Small Volume MTM Cutting Solution


12) Digital Printing Patterns Camera Scanning System


13) Glue Dispensing Machine for Trouser's  Seam Fixing

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Oscillating Knife for 32 Layers Cutting

Suits MTM, Two Cutting Heads,Can Cut the Same Job or Cut, Different Jobs Separately.
Projection System Applied for Strips  and Plaids  Cutting

Camera Scanning System for Sports Wear Cutting

Projection Systerm for Second Time Accurate Cutting

Big Power Oscillating Knife for 2cm Thickness Accurate Cutting

Active Circular Knife, 8 Layers Cutting without Covering Film
Dynamic Projetion System Realize  Differentiate Sizes, Styles with Different Colors.
Also Can Nest Patterns on Fabric to Avoid its
Defective Part

Real Leather Cutting

Kevlar Functional Fabric Cutting

Camera Scanning System and Nesting Software for Strips
Fabric Cutting

Auto Feeding Table without Manual Intervention.
In case fabric is not straight with cutter’s Y direction, projection system can move nested patterns to ensure all
patterns are inside fabric for cutting.

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