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SinajetMcc is digital cutter's control software which used to control the machine and set various working parameters.

■ Workflow:

Input files——SinajetScc——SinajetMcc。

■ SinajetMcc Features:


1) Debug View:

Can control and operate the cutter.


2) Task List:

Showing the cutting status and estimated cutting time.

3) Historical Task:

Can check the historical tasks according to the date and time.

4) Material Library:

Including all the recommended cutting tools and parameters for various materials. So making it is much easier and more effective for users to use the machine. Users also can add or revise the cutting solutions. 


5) Export all worklogs:

This helps users quickly find and solve problems.

6) Process simulation:

Simulating actual cutting trajectory to design the ideal cutting sequence scheme.

7) Backup and upgrade:

One-click backup and restore parameters. To avoid parameters lost. Can upgrade machine procedure remotely.

8) CSV Report:

Automatically generates work reports to facilitate statistical planning.

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