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"Heilan fashion week 2018"
 Jan 08, 2019|View:2201

On October 11 -13, HEILAN FASHION WEEK was held in HLA Feimashuicheng art museum


SINAJET as intelligent and professional cutting solutions expert, was invited to take part in this exhibition and show our productions as below:

1. SINAJET digital cutter

2. Digital cutter Internet of things management platform

3. Inkjet plotter

4. Inkjet flatbed cutter


Compared to traditional cutter’ cutting method, SINAJET digital cutter has powerful active circular knife cutting solution, no overcut, no need to cover film, no need to spread paper under fabric, low energy consumption, cutting speed is 1500mm/s, the whole cutting table no blind zone. The cutting process and result become intelligent, precise, stable and efficient.


We have already gotten through the cutting date stream and provide the big data for the end users’ fatory cutting and after cutting process. Also it is no problem to work compatible with the garment factorys ERP, MES, APS,WMS systems and so on.


The mode of customized "Internet +" will gradually change into the direction of "traditional industry +", realizing the industrial Internet platform relying on big data, Internet of things, cloud computing, and various industrial indexes. To get through the data flow is not only to achieve mass customization, but more importantly to integrate into the ecology of industrial Internet platform!

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