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Digital Cutter With Projection System

    • Digital Cutter With Projection System
Product Details

Digital Cutter With Projection System

1.Digital Cutter With Projection System advantages:

(1) Modular Cutting Tools: High-speed circular knife, notch knife, drill meeting different fabric MTM cut requirement

(2) Powerful Software: Professional and personalized software can meet special production requirement, such as no overcut, no film covered and no fiber drawing

(3) Inkjet Model/ Pen: Make marks

(4) Offer best and suitable solutions for different MTM requirements

2.  Digital Cutter With Projection System Parameters:

(1) Model: DK2516/2521 (Standard Model), DG2516L/2518L/DG3016L/DG9009F/DG12009F (Customized Model)

(2) Active Cutting Area:2500(L) x1600(W)mm/2500(L)x1800(W)mm/2500(L)x2100(W)mm/

3000(L)x1600(W)mm/ 9000(L)x900(W)mm/12000(L)x900(W)mm

(3) Customized Length/width: Customizable

(5)Cutting Accuracy: ≤0.1mm

(6) Max Cutting Thickness: 25mm

(7) Max Cutting Speed: 1700mm/s

Max Single Axis (X or Y) Cutting Speed:1200mm/s

(8) Cutting Tools: Circular Knife, Notch Knife, Drill, Punching Tool

(9) Material Fixing: Vacuum Adsorption

(10) File Format: dxf、hpgl、cut

(11) Data Transmission: LAN

(12) Working Voltage: 220V/380V/50-60HZ

(13) Driving System: Imported Intelligent Digital Servo Control System     

(14) Pump Power: 2.2-9.0KW

(15) Working Environment: Temperature 0-40℃, Humidity 20%-80% No condensation

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