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Mysterious fabric makes you so elegant!
 Jan 05, 2019|View:1992

The fashion fabric that has captured 80 per cent of the oscars and is credited with getting men into the 'aristocratic prince charming' state in minutes is velvet! This is not velvet or corduroy, but velour, a soft, high-class fabric31.jpg

Does velvet and velvet refer to the same type?

At present, in order to meet the consumption level of shopping people, most of the commonly used velvet materials on the market are made of velvet blended, which greatly reduces the cost and is easier to sew. However, people are still used to call it velvet.

So to sum up, velvet and velvet are basically not much different, but the velvet material is relatively thicker.


Aside from the relative cheapness of velvet, the secret to its true conquest of the fashion world is the relative superiority of its fabrics

Velvet is very skin-friendly. It feels very smooth and pliable

The friction coefficient of the skin is second only to 'imperial chamber fabric' - silk

2. The color stretch of velvet is very good. Velvet can almost cover the whole color series. And the velvet that brings burnish attribute, can let the color on common clothings more abluent and moving

Most of all, whoever wears velvet will look very high, like a gentleman invited to a royal dinner, shining with the light of a prince charming. Don't say, wearing velvet in the light you will really shine


In addition to the unique color extension, the unique reflective performance of velvet fabric also allows every man who puts it on to send out a soft and high-class glamour light. It is also because of the reflective fabric, so the velvet suit is very linear, especially the shoulder line, which has a certain role of expanding the shoulder line, making your shoulder look more straight and reliable!


Add to this the versatility of the velvet suit's own design, and many details that cannot be found in other suits are taken for granted in velvet suits! For example, the contrasting colors of the bat collar above don't look too bold, but rather cute

The velvet suit with rich color also suits to show the individual character of different old men very much, of black composed, purple yuppie, wine red enthusiastic, deep blue elegant... Each color allows you to meet a different side of yourself, but you don't mind buying a white velvet suit that hides the reflective qualities of the fabric

Velvet suits also have a 'fool's rule' when it comes to matching them, which is that no matter what color a velvet suit is, it will look great with a white shirt underneath. And a bow tie is better suited to a dapper gentleman's velvet suit than a tie

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