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DM Medical Industry PE Film Dedicated Cutting System

DM Series:

Medical Industry PE Film Dedicated Cutting System


Customized Working Headpiece (Cutting Tool+ Laser Marking Tool):

The Numbering Informaton is Marked on the Material's Surface by the Laser and Unremovable. The Marking is Beautiful without Color. Most of Them are used in the Medical Industry, Automotive Film, Glass Diaphragm and Other Industries that Need a Dust-Free Working Environment.

At the Same Time, the Tool Holder Module can be Used for Cutting Materials according to the Cutting Tool.


Some Other Features:

1) This Machine Can Work Together with Auto Feeder to Inmprove the Working Efficiency

2) Meet Customers Dust-free Operation Requirements

3) Can Cut Different Sizes Circles Accuractely 

Cutting Effect Display:


Working Video:

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