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How to Choose a Good Digital Cutting Machine

Views: 9808/22/2019  

In recent years, the digital cutting machine has been widely used in sheet metal processing, agricultural machinery, rail transit, and other industries. However, when you want to buy a digital cutting machine, it is difficult to distinguish between large and small brands of equipment. Faced with the numerous digital cutting equipment on the market, how to choose and buy the right one? What about the digital cutting machine that meets the needs of the enterprise itself? We can consider it from the following aspects.

How to Choose a Good Digital Cutting Machine

1. Choose enterprises with a good reputation and strong strength. the digital cutting machine is large-scale equipment. When purchasing, we need to be cautious. We should select several manufacturers with strong strength and high-cost performance to communicate and proofing in the early stage. We can go to the manufacturers to inspect the latter stage. We can make a detailed analysis of the price of the machine, the training of the machine, the payment method and the after-sales service. Negotiations.

2. Choose a brand with good after-sales service. The after-sales service of each manufacturer varies greatly, and the length of the warranty is also uneven. In the after-sales service, it is necessary to provide customers with routine maintenance programs. For machine and digital software, there should be a corresponding training system to help customers get started as soon as possible. What's more, no matter how well a digital cutter is done, users will encounter problems in the process of using it. Whether the manufacturer can provide timely solutions when they encounter problems that customers themselves can't solve is very important. This is also an important factor that we need to consider when choosing a digital cutting machine.

3. The core parts of NC cutting: plasma power supply and cutting torch head, are imported or domestic, the imported plasma power supply is generally used by the United States Haibao more, the domestic is generally Chengdu Huayuan or Chengdu Huarong more, at the same time, other parts of NC cutting also need to pay attention, such as whether the motor is imported servo motor. Guideway, bed and so on, because they affect the cutting accuracy of the machine to a certain extent. Especially, we should pay attention to the cooling system of the digital cutting machine - water chiller. Many companies directly use household air conditioning to cool. In fact, the effect is clear to all, very bad. The good way is to use industrial air conditioning, special aircraft, in order to achieve the best effect.

In a word, it is a kind of production investment for enterprises to buy the digital cutting machine, and the funds needed may not be small for some start-ups. However, a suitable digital cutting machine can bring high production efficiency and cost savings. Can bring benefits to the enterprise, then the early investment is worthwhile.

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