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The 24 most commonly used advertising materials
 Jan 08, 2019|View:5149

Light box pieces, non - woven cloth, photo cloth are advertising supplies, then the most commonly used advertising supplies are what

01. Light box chip

Mainly used for making advertising light boxes. Light box film is divided into two categories, one is transparent, that is fully transparent, one is translucent, that is semi-transparent, also called taibai film. Full through the light box, only in the light of the irradiation, it will appear bright colors, and no light irradiation, it will appear a dark. Semi-transparent light box film is otherwise, no light irradiation will also show the effect of color photos, and light irradiation, will appear more beautiful.

02, white canvas

A white canvas is a type of printed canvas. There are two types of white canvas. One is a matte white canvas coated with matte paint. A white canvas is a matte white canvas. The other is a high-gloss white canvas, also known as silver cloth, silk silk cloth, often used for wedding printing.

03, non-woven fabric

Non-woven products are rich in color, bright and vivid, fashionable and environmental protection, widely used, beautiful and generous, patterns and styles are diverse, and light, environmental protection, recyclable, internationally recognized as environmental protection products to protect the earth's ecology.

04.Art cloth

Art cloth is a kind of digital printing cloth, belongs to the matt water series. Art cloth is also known as synthetic fiber cloth, waterproof cloth, banners, flag cloth. Its characteristics are coating matte waterproof, vertical perception good, soft, stretch, suitable for suspension, no curl, no light reflection, strong compatibility, bright colors, high image resolution, good waterproof performance, short display without mulch.

05. Striped cloth

Banner cloth is one of the most widely used and most in demand cloth consumables, mainly used for indoor and outdoor banners, flags, curtains, sets and pictures, usually called "banner cloth". It USES synthetic fiber as the base material, is characterized by soft material, suitable for suspension, with good waterproof and outdoor weather resistance, used for outdoor picture display.

06, photo cloth

Pictorial cloth is a relatively traditional cloth material, because the price is relatively low, the production cost is equivalent to the cost of PP plus cold mounting film, and can save a series of film process. Now in many fields, pictorial cloth has been used instead of traditional consumables to make hanging pictures or background pictures.

07, back glue PP synthetic paper

Adhesive PP synthetic paper is the most commonly used in advertising production of basic supplies. There are two general, one is the back of PP synthetic paper, the other is the back of PP waterproof synthetic paper. PP synthetic paper of 110-125 thickness is used as the base material, the back adhesive is oil pressure sensitive adhesive, PET is release base paper, and the coating is compatible with water dyeing ink. PP synthetic paper is generally used for indoor, such as X display frame, easy pull treasure, mount KT board, hanging tag, hanging flag, brand image painting.

08, photographic paper

Photo paper also known as photo paper, high-gloss paper, the traditional printing industry used to develop a photo of a material.

09. Water-based white adhesive (can be removed)

Its characteristics is that the glue can be removed from the surface, coated with transparent ink coating, coated with anti-ultraviolet, preservation time. Apply to indoor advertising, elevator door Posting, store front glass Posting, can shade in the background of the veneer cylinder.

10, transparent back glue

Also known as water-based PVC transparent back glue, the main material is transparent PVC material, mainly suitable for shop Windows and shopping malls glass doors and other transparent places decoration, mounted on the glass surface, transparent and frosted two kinds of effects. With the cutting machine, can make a beautiful shape transparent effect. In addition, can pass special craft, make it transparent PP effect, up and down add hang shaft, make it transparent hang picture.

11. Spray painted cloth

Commonly known as light box cloth, is a kind of PVC as the raw material after a certain process of production, mainly used in outdoor advertising inkjet production of a kind of inkjet material.

12. 550 spray-painted cloth

The main properties are smooth surface, bright color, thick, strong tensile strength.

13, knife scraping cloth

Knife cloth is a kind of chemical synthesis material, the thickness is thicker than the ordinary lamp cloth. The front of the cloth is pliable and smooth, the back is rough, and the granule is thick and uneven. The knife scraping cloth has the high gloss surface and the dumb surface, the main application scope is also different, the high gloss is mainly used in the indoor, the dumb surface is both indoor and outdoor.

14. Mesh cloth

A fabric with holes in it is called mesh. With different equipment can be woven different mesh fabric, mainly woven mesh fabric and knitted mesh fabric two kinds.

15, car stickers

Bumper stickers are stickers attached to cars, motorcycles and other vehicles to beautify them. The sticker made its debut on April 20, 1887 at the world's first motor racing race in Paris. Car stickers can be basically divided into three categories: sports stickers, modified stickers and personality stickers.

16. Single hole penetration

Alias perspective paste, mesh paste. Main material is PVC material, black rubber base. The aperture and spacing of the single transparent film completely conform to the golden section method, with the aperture of 1.6mm and the spacing of 2.4mm, achieving the best combination of the light transmittance and the picture performance rate, ensuring the best visual effect and the light transmittance. Suitable for bus body glass window advertisement, subway glass advertisement, taxi glass advertisement, glass curtain wall advertisement, shopping mall glass window advertisement, etc.

17, banners,

Banner is a process of printing text on silk cloth by laser silk screen printing and thermal transfer printing. It is widely used in events, opening ceremonies, celebrations, promotions, publicity, meetings and other places.

18, somewhere you

Water sign is a kind of common name of sign and guide.

19, KT board

KT plate is a kind of new material, which is made of PS particles after foaming and forming the plate core and laminating the surface. The plate body is crisp, light, not easy to deteriorate and easy to process.

20, PVC word

Refers to the advertising decorative words made of PVC, is a very popular advertising decorative materials. PVC has the following advantages: light weight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture proof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance; Stability, good dielectric, durable, anti-aging, easy to melt and bonding; Strong bending strength and impact toughness, high elongation at rupture; It can be formed easily by kneading, mixing, drawing, granulating, extrusion or die-casting, etc. The surface is smooth, the color is bright, the extremely rich decoration, the decoration application surface is broader; The construction technology is simple and the installation is convenient.

21, acrylic words

Usually people often say the acrylic word, also known as acrylic light words, is composed of acrylic sheets and LED lights. Acrylic word by its modeling, there are three kinds of name: flat drum word, pointed drum word, round drum word. Other forms are basically evolved from these three.

22.Sticky notes

Sticky note is also known as self-adhesive label material, is paper, film or special materials as the fabric, the back coated with adhesive, silicone coated protective paper as the backing paper of a composite material. Because there are many types of coating technology, the post-it note is expected to form a different class, the development direction is from the traditional roller coating, blade coating to develop in the direction of high pressure stretch film coating, with the most big limit to ensure the uniformity of coating, to avoid the generation of air bubbles and the eye of a needle, ensure the quality of coating, and stretch cloth coating technology is not mature in China, our country mainly adopts the traditional roller coating.

23, LED light words

LED luminous characters are composed of shell, light source and panel. The shell part is made of liquid macromolecule resin material, or the surface is poured with metal edge resin. The luminescent light source USES ultra-high brightness semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED). Luminous characters can be produced a lot of varieties, there are full body luminous characters, ordinary luminous characters, plane color luminous characters, resin luminous characters, mini characters, exposed luminous characters and other processes.

24, soft membrane

Soft film is used for decoration engineering pervious to light film, can cooperate with various lighting systems (such as neon lights, fluorescent lamp) create a dream-like, no shadow of indoor lighting, abandoned the heavy of glass or organic glass at the same time, the risk and the disadvantage of small pieces assembled, has gradually become a new bright spot, to become the first choice of pervious to light materials.

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