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China sewing machinery industry conference and China sewing machinery association

Views: 337601/08/2019  

The 2018 China sewing machinery industry conference and the third session of the 10th council of China sewing machinery association was held in zhuji city, east China's zhejiang province, nov 17, 2018. [photo/VCG] More than 240 enterprise representatives from more than 130 council units, some specially invited new members, individual champion of spare parts and outstanding patent award winners in the industry gathered together in the beautiful scenery and ancient hometown of south Vietnam and the hometown of xi shi, a grand event of the industry.


As an annual event for the whole industry, the theme of this year is "focusing on new drivers and achieving high-quality development". The agenda is closely arranged and the content is diverse and wonderful. Not only has the detailed and rigorous association annual work summary to the industry inside and outside the release, also has the industry heavyweight entrepreneur interaction discussion, the viewpoint release, the related special topic report, but also has the industry leader from a strategic perspective, extremely has the foresight industry situation forecast analysis.

The meeting deliberated and approved the reply of China sewing machinery association on the development of new members, which certified over 30 new members who joined the association in the second half of 2018. And changzhou najie science and technology with years of strength to become a successful sewing machinery association family members and accepted the award.


After joining the association, nachet will, as always, have a deep understanding of the industry, customers and market dynamics and needs, keep pace with the industry and market to learn, communicate and make progress. At the same time also for the Chinese sewing machinery to contribute their own strength.

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