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Vertical Inkjet Cutter Plotter

    • Vertical Inkjet Cutter Plotter
Product Details

Vertical Inkjet Cutter Plotter


(1) Closed Loop Servo Control System

(2) USB LAN Port

(3) Thin and thick paper cut perfectly

(4) Printing and cutting two functions both can be realized

(5) HP45


2. Parameters:

(1) Model: POPJET1200G/POPJET1600G/POPJET1800G (1H/2H)

(2) Function Description: Two paper rolls installed, Printing and Cutting Works at Anytime

(3) Control System: Closed Loop Servo Control System both in Length and Width Direction

(4) DPI: 600dpi

(5) Max Plotting and Cutting Width: 125cm/165cm/185cm

(6) Plotting Speed: 42m2/h

(7) Cutting Speed: 1200mm/s

(8) Paper Material: 40-300g printing paper

(9) Cutting Material: 80g-300g Kraft Paper, White Cardboard, Brown Paper

(10) Cutting Method: Dot and Dash Line Cutting/Continuous Cutting

(11) Software Platform: Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Windows7, Windows 8

(12) Working Voltage:110V/220V optional

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