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Digital Cutter With Conveyor Table

    • Digital Cutter With Conveyor Table
Product Details

Digital Cardboard Cutter With Conveyer Table

Cutting Solutions:

Folding CartonsCorrugated BoxPOP/POS Display


Cutter Core Parts:

image.png               image.png     image.png         image.png

Strong Aluminum Structure      Stable Gear                  Servo Technology        Strong Aluminum Complete Table

Digital Cardboard Cutter With Conveyor Table

1.Table advantages Of Digital Cardboard Cutter With Conveyor Table:

(1) Modular Cutting Tooles: Oscillating Knife, Active Circular Knife, CNC Router, Kiss Cut, V-Cut, Crease Knife, Drag Knife can Meeting Different Materials Cutting Requirement, Such As PP Paper, Stickers, PVC Board, KT Board, Foamed PVC Board, Acrylic Sheet, Corrugated Paper, Honey Comb Board and so on

(2) Anti-collision Devices and Infrared Blocking Device Ensure Operation Safety

(3) Software Advantages: Smart and Intelligent Software realized Easy Operation. Powerful RD Ability Can Meet Customer#39;s Special Cutting Requirements.

(4) Exclusive Adsorption Technology, Low Noise, Low Energy Consumption


2. Table Parameters Of Digital Cardboard Cutter With Conveyor Table:

(1) Model: DK1513/2513/2516(Standard Model), DG2516/2520(Customized Model)

(2) Active Cutting Area: 1500(L) x1300(W)mm/2500(L)x1300(W)mm/2500(L)x1600(W)mm/2500(L)x2000(W)mm

(3) Customized Length/width: Customizable

(4) Working Table: Conveyed or Fixed Table Can be Optional

(5)Cutting Accuracy: 0.1mm

(6) Max Cutting Thickness: 25mm

(7) Max Cutting Speed: 1700mm/s

Max Single Axis (X or Y) Cutting Speed:1200mm/s

(8) Cutting Tools: Circular Knife, Crease Knife, Kiss Cut, V-Cut, Oscillating Knife, CNC Router,  rag Cut        

(9) Material Fixing: Vacuum Adsorption

(10) File Format: dxfhpglcut

(11) Data Transmission: LAN

(12) Working Voltage: 220V/380V/50-60HZ

(13) Driving System: Imported Intelligent Digital Servo Control System     

(14) Pump Power: 2.2-9.0KW

(15) Working Environment: Temperature 0-40, Humidity 20%-80% No condensation

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