1. Advantages:
Kraft Paper and template
cutting two functions
Ultra Lighter Hi-Tech Table Closed Loop and Servo 
Control System
Humanized Operation
Low Noise
Low Energy Consumption
2. Parameters:
(1)Model: FT1209/FT1509/FT1512
(2) Active Cutting Area:1200×900mm/1500×900mm/1500×1200mm
(3)Working Character: Working with Computer Synchronously, Transmit Speedy, Working Consecutively
(4) Control System: Closed Loop and Servo Control System
(5) Cutting Speed: 600mm/s (Step motor), 1200mm/s (Servo motor)
(6) Milling Cutter Rotation Speed: 24000RPM(Step Motor)/60000RPM (Servo Motor)
(7) Cutting Depth: Acrylic/PVC Board 1mm-3mm; Kraft Paper/Cardboard Paper 0.1mm-1mm
(8) Cutting Material: Acrylic or PVC Board; All kinds of Kraft Paper and Hard Board Cardboard Paper
(9) Plotting Device: Water-based pen/ Ball Pen
(10) Cutting Device: Special Milling Cutter for Acrylic/PVC; Alloy Knife for all kinds of Kraft and Hard Board Paper
(11) Material Fixing: Vacuum Adsorption
(12) Mechanical Resolution: <0.1mm
(13) Working Voltage: Cutter Working Voltage 86-264V, Pump Working Voltage 110V/220V
(14) Data Transmission: USB & LAN
(15) Software Platform: Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Windows7, Windows 8
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